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About the Blog

In this blog, I publish information about articles, books, and videos that in my opinion might be helpful for the post-cult recovery (psychological and spiritual) of ex-members of cults, especially, of Bible-based cults (abusive churches and cults of Christianity). Mainly, I consider resources that are available freely in Internet. I hope that this information will be helpful for ex-members of cults in their recovery.

However, I do not encourage anyone to read or watch all these materials uncritically. In my opinion, it is very good to read as much as possible on a certain subject (for example, on the recovery from cults), compare different opinions, and make one’s own conclusions. I think it is especially helpful for ex-cult members in order to recover the ability of independent and critical thinking.

Visitors of this blog are also welcome to visit my blog in Blogger and my site in Google Sites.

I am interested to know the visitors’ opinions and suggestions regarding this blog. In order to prevent spam, I have enabled comment moderation, so all the comments will be published after my approval – the same as in my blog in Blogger.

I am not a mental health professional or an ordained Christian minister. I am just an ex-cult member who has some knowledge and experience.


6 Responses to “About the Blog”

  1. cabbagejuice said

    Dear Lema,
    Congratulations on your new site.
    Uncovering spiritual abuse is the relatively unexplored frontier of the 21st century.
    Con artists and manipulators have been around since Adam and Eve; they always have had a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks.
    Honest, believing people never knew what was inside. Now it is time to shake it out and expose them to the sunlight.
    I do think that offering something for nothing, or a too easy path to salvation or peace is at the basis of spiritual con artistry.
    All the best,

    • Lema Nal said

      Cabbagejuice, thank you.
      Unfortunately, there are too many manipulators and manipulations. I believe that their main armor is people’s ignorance about their tricks and that the way to protect ourselves from manipulative techniques is to know how they work.

  2. soulfeet said

    Hi Lema,

    I think we communicated awhile back on your eblog, or perhaps it was on the list serve. Regardless, I appreciate your continued voice in the area of thought reform, abuse, and recovery.

    I completed your poll and am on my way to sign your guestbook.

    Silver linings,
    Carol Welch

    • Lema Nal said

      Hi Carol,
      Thanks for completing the poll and signing in the guestbook. And thank you for your kind words. Yes, of course, I remember that we had some communication in the past.

  3. soulfeet said


    I’ve added this blog under my “recovery resources” on my “toss & ripple” blog. I had (and still have) this wordpress blog link under “blogs I visit” list as well. The “blogs I visit” list helps me to see who has new postings because that list updates with a new post.

    I just want to say how thrilling it is to have this compilation of resources that folks can read online without having to search and figure out how to find these chapters, excerpts, and even whole books. I like the lay out too and that it sticks simply with the online excerpts with an opportunity for discussion in the comments sections.

    ~carol welch :-)

    • Lema Nal said

      Thanks for your kind words. BTW, sometimes I learn about books or articles when somebody mentions them in blog comments or in discussion forums. Thus, for example, I learned about the book Take Back Your Life from you. I did not know about it before. So, thanks for mentioning it.

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