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Online Version of Twisted Scriptures

Posted by Borz Lom (Löma) Nal on October 10, 2009

In the post Online Books on Spiritual Abuse, I already mentioned online version of Twisted Scriptures by Mary Alice Chrnalogar which contains excerpts from several chapters of the book (approximately 50 pages of this 275 page book). However, this version is posted in GeoCities and in October 26 GeoCities is going to close. There is another site that posted this online version – Cult Awareness and Information Center (CAIC). Since they did not republish the book contents, it is a little inconvenient to find the chapters there. In order to help the readers to find each chapter and since the book contents will not be available after October 26, I republish it here. All the links are for CAIC website.

Chapter 1 – The Discipleship Game (How healthy discipleships begin to veer off course)
Chapter 2 – The Discipleship Disaster (How did this come about, and what are the consequences)
Chapter 3 – Authority Unlimited (Here is the basis of abusive control)
Chapter 4 – Beyond Accountability (Further development of unlimited human authority over souls)
Chapter 5 – The Language Of Enslavement (Words and phrases, Biblical terms and verses which are twisted by abusive groups to achieve their own ends as opposed to healthy spiritual development)
Chapter 6 – Whose Will Is It? (Disciplers who lead you to believe their desires are God’s Will)
Chapter 7 – Control In Black and White (Inhibiting disciples’ ability to think critically by making everything either black or white)

Other chapters of the book that were not included into the online version:
Chapter 8 – Vicious Information Control (Preventing members of groups from seeing the full extent of control by stopping the free exchange of information)
Chapter 9 – Truth Or Consequences (The use of intimidation to control criticism and rebellion by members of controlled groups)
Chapter 10 – Confession Confusion (How public and unlimited confession is used as a device for control)
Chapter 11 – Walling Off The World (Isolation of the group from other Christians as a means of control to maintain the power of leaders)
Chapter 12 – What God (And The Discipler) Have Joined Together (The use of total-life control to take over every aspect of a member’s existence)
Chapter 13 – This Can’t Be Mind Control … Can It? (Hiding the truth by convincing a group’s members that they are not being “controlled”)
Chapter 14 – Believe It — This Is Mind Control! (Further to the above – develops the theme more completely)
Chapter 15 – Collision With The Leadership (Examples of what happens when members try to question or criticize leaders’ teachings)
Chapter 16 – The New Inquisition (Groups which use militant techniques to enlist and control members by making all other Christian groups “the enemy”)
Chapter 17 – The Way to Freedom (Steps toward breaking away from control and recovering a healthy normal Christian life. What to expect – the problems you can expect to encounter. How to overcome the residual symptoms of abuse and control. Ideas for the times when you feel lost and helpless and think of going back. Professional support – What’s available, and how to evaluate professional)


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